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Meet the women who inspired Scatter Seeds

August 2017: We are excited to launch our website and our very first blog.  As one of our first posts, we thought you might enjoy meeting the women that became the inspiration for Scatter Seeds:Goods on a Mission.

Bonswa!  Kijan ou yé?  Hello!  How are you?  We are the sewing ladies of Source-á-Philippe on the small island of La Gonâve, Haiti and we send you greetings.  With the help of Steve, Darlene, Nancy, Chris and the mission team from Grace United Methodist Church in Manassas, we were able to learn to sew and now we teach others.   In 2015, we received our ‘official’ business license and a micro-financing loan to help our new business grow. We are the primary sewing ladies of the business: Heureuse Chérie, Aliana Sincère, Bénitha Forest, Julie Moléon, and Joselène Théodore (see picture from left to right) and we are very proud of what we have been able to accomplish. The tablecloths and napkins featured in Scatter Seeds are some of our very first handiwork in embroidery and the designs are our own.  

Author's note: The recently built sewing building remains unfinished.  This is a challenge that Scatter Seeds will be helping with and we hope you will want to share in this endeavor...more to come!  

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